Internship report and mid-term report on master’s study in double master degree program with Mahidol University

Two inbound master students in double master degree program between Kyoto University and Mahidol University (Thailand), conducted internship report and mid-term report on master’s studies. This double degree program was established in 2017 aiming to obtain 2 master degrees: Global Environmental Studies (GSGES, Kyoto Univ.) and Engineering (Environmental and Water Resource Engineering, Mahidol Univ.) within 3 years. Inbound students had been studying in Mahidol Univ. from October to March, and since April 2018, they have studied in Kyoto University for 1 year. From April 2019, they will move back to Mahidol Univ. and challenge to complete 2 master degrees within 1.5 years. Today’s report was a mid-term of summary of whole double degree program, and summary of 1 years’ study in Kyoto Univ. included internship activity. The session was coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Shuhei TANAKA (GSGES), a main program officer of double master degree program, with many participants: supervisors, members of educational affair, laboratory’s students and some guest lecturers.

In the presentation, results of each study and analysis, future study plan had shown, and active Q & A was carried out with academic interests and also practical solution for the local society in environmental issues. In addition, the experiences and lessons of internship in Japan was shared. Two presentations were informative and their studies so far have conducted steadily, and we are expecting for further development in next 1 year.

At the end of session, we had an opinion exchanges on double degree program in practice and share the difficulties and positive points on tight schedule of double degree program. All comments are valuable, and we shall keep developing our program from now on.


Title and student who present today is following:

“Internship presentation and preliminary master thesis: Characterization, fragmentation and emission of MPs used as scrub materials in facial scrubs products” by Ms. Khattiya Ounjai

“Evaluation of different sewage sludges as a potential of biodiesel source in Japan” by Mr. Febrian Rizkianto